Additive manufacturing Delta Robot

As part of a partnership with the University of Bordeaux’sI2M laboratorywe develop command and control solutions on their additive manufacturing robots for applied research.

We have worked with them on the integration of a wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) device using a Delta robot.

This technology helps limit the jolts occurring during directional changes in the couse of additive manufacturing.

Our client uses slicing software to cut parts designed for the CAO software into slices. All the slices are described in a file called G-Code. The solution proposed by OpenIndus allows to load the G-Code file on the automaton through a web interface.

The interface also enables the configuration of the robot, including speed and path optimization. Lastly, this same interface helps launch the manufacturing.

OpenIndus developed the complete solution according to the client’s specifications, including the mechanical and electro-technical design, the development of the software and the manufacturing.

The OpenIndus automated system is the nerve centre of this system’s command and control.



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