How does open source serve industry ?

Open source is not only a matter of costs…


An open source software application is one whose source code can be inspected, edited and improved by anyone, which ensures a rich, agile and robust product.

Access to the source code ensures freedom for industry publishers who can focus their development choices, business strategies and pricing, as they see fit.

Using open source libraries also prevents the risk of obsolescence posed by the financial and strategic problems linked to a publisher by creating sustainable dynamics. Maintenance of the software can thus be guaranteed.

Regarding communicating systems, choosing an open source product allows to fill security gaps and monitor vulnerabilities within the specific context of the final product. In this sense, a security audit helps verify the software as a whole.

Although having several developers working simultaneously on a software application entails a risk of instability, the available tools and processes implemented help avoid these problems and guarantee excellent change tracking

Software controls us, it is vital for us to control it.

How does open source serve industry ?