Laser engraving robot

Thanks to a partnership with the well known German manufacturer, Igus, we jointly developed a control system for a 3-axis gantry system.

The Igus robot line ranges from the single-axis gantry to delta robots to the robotic. They allow to create low cost complex positioning systems for supply lines, assembly liness or customized equipment.

Multi-axis gantries by Igus are currently used in industry, particularly in environments that are not conducive to greasing. They bring together high precision, speed and highly competitive prices.

As part of this project, we developed a functional demonstration system applicable to a 3-axis gantry.

It is a laser engraving system piloted through an OI-Core Lite module in combination with two OI-Steppe modules. It is configured through a web interface.

Igus now trusts us as the reference integrator of their solution in the grand sud de la France.

We can assist with providing a command and control system for your Igus robot, either for command instrumentation, software applications, or for the integration of the robot or its payload.

Discover the project in pictures here.

Visit our partner’s website here.