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In order to provide specific electronic projects for your needs, we offer customized services and support you in :

electronic design,
electronic routing,
design of customized OpenIndus modules,
manufacture of prototypes and small volumes.

Contact us for your specific needs :
connected objects,
motor control,
specific integration constraints,
extreme energy autonomy,
large manufacturing volumes.


We develop computer application solutions for your automaton, but also for traditional business automated systems. Besides our capacity to develop very efficient software (real time, cybersecurity, etc.), we can also offer you solutions that afford you an unlimited development of your product.

embedded drivers and Arduino compatibility interfaces,
high level embedded software, with or without OS,
real-time embedded software, including RTOS,
smartphone and tablet applications for piloting machines,
server and web solutions for control and monitoring,
PC interfaces, including Python and Java.


We are aware that our clients often need "turn key" products, and so we specialize in the integration of electro-mechanical systems :

mechanical design of electronic cases,
design of product packaging,
development of robotic systems,
manufacture of electronic and electro-mechanical systems.


Our design and manufacturing expertise enables us to navigate the transition from prototype to production, be it a small or mass production.

Being highly connected in the local industrial network, we link our skills with those of our partners to offer finished products, no matter the skill level required.

Our approach

Supporting our clients requires, above all else, that we master several existing technologies perfectly, irrespective of the field of application. We are first and foremost a team of passionate specialists who take great pleasure in creating and developing our clients' products.

We design our products and support our clients with a long-term vision: support, maintenance, changes, obsolescence management, etc.
This approach allows us to offer our clients the most appropriate solutions, depending on sales volumes, client market geographical regions and the sustainability desired (lifespan and production span).

We are both able to develop turnkey products as well as to separately supply each design or manufacturing technological brick.

Our objective: helping you succeed.

Needs definition

Proof of concept

System architecture

Design and development


Maintenance of operating conditions